The Story

Bianca, Ralphie, Libby, Ollie, Kate, Betsy, Leroy, and Jack teach us lots. Each adorable animal friend playfully acknowledges, shares, and celebrates their special purpose and unique differences.

Meet the Characters

  • Bianca

    Self centered, but everyone "looks up to her" helpful spirit

  • Ralphie

    Sneaky and mischievous, but a total funmaker

  • Kate

    Loud, but willing to share the latest dance moves

  • Libby

    Quiet and shy, but a loyal friend to all

  • Ollie

    Paranoid, but HOOOOOuge in honoring others

  • Betsy

    Caregiver, but is a master cook with a mature foodie palate

  • Leroy

    Slow information processor, but has a heart of gold

  • Jack

    Defender, but world's #1 snuggler